Vulnerability Management


For the health system it is not enough to know that you have vulnerabilities ,threats or anomalies within the medical device fleet.  Not all threats and vulnerabilities are created equal.  It is important to be able to determine in a sea of cyber security issues where resources, time and focus should be allocated on a prioritized basis to address the most relevant concerns for the healthcare system. 


Asimily delivers innovative new capabilities that inform the healthcare systems on prioritization of identified threat and vulnerability data and mechanisms to remediate the vulnerabilities and threats.  Specifically, the platform provides a comprehensive and risk score mechanism, factoring in critical measures of risk. The risk scoring capability provides a prioritization map for the healthcare systems and offers clear guidance on which medical devices and within it which vulnerabilities need to be patched or remediated or which devices and vulnerabilities can be de-prioritized.


Remediation may come in the form of recommended configuration changes which might mitigate the risk without a patch or security controls.  The platform also provides the healthcare system the ability to prioritize and understand what devices require no remediation at all. 


These capabilities are absolutely essential for the healthcare system to reduce risk, prioritize resources and ensure patient safety and quality patient care. 


Asimily can feed the information into CMMS systems which can initiate automatic remediation and planning activities.