Asimily Insight uses sophisticated passive scanning capabilities to discover connected medical devices available on the network. Asimily uses the parameters collected from the device on the network along with its algorithms and pre-existing device profiles to classify the discovered connected medical devices and maintain a robust record of all connected devices subject to network monitoring.  Asimily is able to gather information on the IT parameters, medical device parameters , cyber-security capabilities, other medical device parameters.  


Examples of IT parameters:


  • IP address

  • MAC address

  • Port numbers

  • Services

  • Applications

  • Hostname

  • Operating system and version

  • Other network data


Examples of Medical device parameters:


  • Manufacturer

  • Brand

  • Device type

  • Serial number

  • Software version

  • Other device parameters


Asimily can then feed the information into the Provider’s CMMS where Asimily solution can correlate the data based on a number of parameters.