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Use Asimily’s Insight Platform at no cost when you partner with CynergisTek to perform a cost-effective Medical Device Technical Security Assessment.  

Almost every day new vulnerability’s and threats to connected medical devices are announced.  Having knowledge of your connected inventory is the first step in protecting them. Concern’s around medical devices require an urgent response to implement mitigation and remediation strategies.

We are here to help with an Assessment from proven partners (ASMILY and CynergisTek) that have a proven partnership to help clients mitigate and remediate vulnerabilities.

For just $5,000 you can gain the valuable insights you need to stop cyber-attacks and uncover any possible vulnerabilities today!

How does this work?

It’s simple. Just speak to one of our CynergisTek experts and answer a few questions about your network. That’s it.

Based on your answers, you will be overnighted a Asimily pre-configured edge processor. CynergisTek will then run an Observation and Recommendation Assessment using ASIMILY Insight. This is all done remotely and requires absolutely nothing for you to do!

What does this assessment include?

  • A complete inventory of discoverable network connected medical devices

  • List active device-specific vulnerabilities discovered

  • Mitigation and remediation recommendations for identified exploitable vulnerabilities.


If you decide to upgrade to a full Medical Security Assessment the $5,000, will be credited towards the cost of the full service

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