Integrated asset management and cybersecurity workflows to expand value propositions across the connected medical device lifecycle

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Connected medical devices present challenges…made no less challenging during a global pandemic.

In early 2019 it was cited that “Healthcare cyberattacks  cost $1.4 Million on average in recovery.  The cost is directly tied to a loss of productivity, reputation damage, and service disruption, among other business impacts.” As the industry continues to struggle with resources and revenues due to COVID-19, IBM reports that between March and April 2020  there was “a 6,000% increase in spam attacks on information technology systems,”, with many healthcare facilities, describing the situation as a continuous “cat and mouse”.

Healthcare facilities are at the forefront of the above scenario and dealing with the evolving, dynamic threat environment that a connected healthcare ecosystem face every day. AIMS and ASIMILY INSIGHT have integrated to provide a best-in-class comprehensive inventory, risk management and lifecycle management solution to support the identification, management and resolution of devices, vulnerabilities and threats as well as supporting capital planning and asset management compliance programs based on best practices, regulatory, and accreditation standards.

Learn the value of utilizing AIMS with ASIMILY INSIGHT for best in class, comprehensive connected device risk and lifecycle management programs.